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Intro to GOD AS KING

Originally posted by lunadanipog at Intro to GOD AS KING

   For as there is a ruler in each country/organization/company/union, so does the whole world and the universe.

  In my previous blogs, the character of God as Creator is discussed.  The whole creation belongs to Him, including us as just part of His masterpiece.  And it would be most reasonable that He shall rule over us all.  If there would be the most appropriate being to take charge, to lead, and to rule over the world, it's Him, not me, not you.  If there would be someone who is rightful to make the laws, it is Him who rules.

  I think this truth pesters every man (at least those who do not yet fully understand the truth that God is our Creator), because man usually doesn't want someone to meddle in his life or dictate him what he should do.  Man, today, wants to rule himself.  He is more likely to apply the quote "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul".  But sorry, because this is not in line with the Design.  Just like how I started with my "God as creator" blogs, I would repeat it, "It's not about us".

  There is a King in this Kingdom - a King who is Supreme, Eternal, and Law Maker.  We'll share thoughts and verses on these 3 characters of God as King.

Psalm 103:19-22                

 19 The Lord placed his

throne in heaven; 

is king over all.

 20 Praise the Lord, you
strong and mighty angels, 

obey his commands, 

listen to what he says.

 21 Praise the Lord, all you
heavenly powers, 

servants of his, who do his will!

 22 Praise the Lord, all his

all the places he rules. 

the Lord, my soul!


Soli Deo Gloria!!!
God bless everyone! =)

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